Mechanical, Electronics

Our approach to patent processing begins with an exceptional ability to communicate with the inventors of corporations, universities and medical centers. Having worked in some of the best physics and electronics laboratories in the world, we can connect with scientists and inventors and work with them from the early stages of their discoveries. Our early and continuous relationship with inventors, combined with our legal experience, allows us to ensure the widest possible patent coverage for our clients.

We provide writing and opinion work in the areas of software, telecommunications, optics, semiconductors and medical technology, as well as analysis of freedom of operation both as part of patent portfolio management and independent service. We critically review our clients' products and methods against possible third-party patent blocks and evaluate the validity and applicability of those patents. When appropriate, we also issue non-infringement and nullity opinions. Our technical expertise covers in particular semiconductors, optics, advanced materials, telecommunications, touch sensors, consumer electronics, medical imaging, medical robotics, microfluidics and instrumentation.

In the situation where competitors potentially own blocking property rights, we are, as lawyers and scientific colleagues, capable of advising our clients legally and technically on the best way to avoid infringement.