We cover all aspects of intellectual property in the areas of clinical diagnostics, medicine, biotechnology and chemistry.

Patent prosecution begins with the ability to communicate with inventors at research laboratories of medical centers, companies and universities. Our experience in top research laboratories allows us to understand the language of scientists and inventors from the earliest stages of their ideas and discoveries. Combined with our patent expertise, we can secure best patent coverage to transform ideas and discoveries into valuable business assets.

As a technology boutique, we spend a great deal of time directly with our clients, serving on scientific advisory boards or in other advisory capacities. Consequently, we gain in-depth knowledge of our clients' technology and business which allows us to make useful business recommendations.  When a client is faced by a third-party patent, we are able to counsel whether it is more advantageous to alter the product, challenge the patent, or seek licensing. In addition to prosecuting patents, we help our clients evaluate and manage their patent Portfolio.

We routinely provide freedom-to-operate analysis and reports as an independent service or for patent portfolio management. We review our clients' products and methods against potentially blocking patent applications and evaluate their scope of protection.  As experts in these technological areas and patent experts, we are able to understand and value the intellectual property by a license more accurately and can advise our clients accordingly.